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Additional LCD REPAIR Service Offerings

AGDisplays works with your teams to support your product’s life from the conception to disposal. Our services provide customers with beneficial testing, knowledge and increased LCD lifecycle. Accuracy when diagnosing repairs allows customers to upgrade and repair cost-effectively. We continue to strive to meet all LCD needs so that you can come to AGDisplays as your one-stop-shop.

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Physical damage can often be removed and the product refinished to restore the bezel or frame, this helps to resist and prevent further damage.

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Broken symptoms may present themselves inaccurately. While you may think your whole LCD is broken, it may need a simple controller update to renew the whole unit.

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Cables have many points of failure and can often cause complete system failures. Evaluating the cable harnesses can be tedious but can result in a quick diagnosis to a system failure.

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legacy & obsolete support

Supporting LCDs & complete display assemblies long-term is a core competency. From EOL/drop-in replacements to redesign and lifecycle extension solutions, we bring our talents to your team in a quickly evolving industry.

faulty data repair

Simple components on the LCD's printed circuit board can fail and render the LCD useless. This evaluation and repair is a small fraction of the cost of a new LCD and reduces new replacement costs.

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AGDisplays runs a series of tests and documents all reports with reliable traceability. We test every single repair panel that leaves our facility. Read more on what tests we can perform on your display.

Related AGDisplays services

From coverglass to LED cables, AGDisplays works frequently with Industrial companies to repair their LCD units. We work with customers in all industrial segments to source, design and upgrade LCD systems to perform beyond standard capabilities in the environment unique to our customers.

Below is an expanded set of industrial LCD services that bring a new level of ease to your new, developing or existing LCD project. We continue to strive to meet all LCD needs so that you can come to AGDisplays as your one-stop-shop for all LCD design and repairwork.

AGDisplays invests in development to expand services to provide a range of solutions for all LCD technologies. Review the AGDisplays website for more information on our Industrial LCD Services.

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LCD Turnkey Design

AGDisplays specializes in NVIS display solutions. We design and repair night vision aspects of your LCD to make sure they comply and are compatible with military standards.

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Touchscreen Design

We can design a solution to add a touch to your existing LCD design or provide you with a new touchscreen display. We offer the top touch technologies available on the market.

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Optical Bonding

Removing an optically bonded touchscreen or cover glass can allow the LCD to be saved for rework. We apply and remove bonds with delicate procedures to preserve and reuse LCDs & components.

Marine or military LCD display board.

Open/CLosed Frame

Off the shelf and customizable open/closed frame displays for panel-mount installation. Open frame has exposed metal and mounting for easy installation. Closed frame has full enclosure for a finished look.

electromagnetic protection mesh film

EMI Mitigation

Our EMI repair blocks electronic interference between your panel & surrounding equipment. AGDisplays integrates effective EMI mesh repairs for a low cost solution to prevent interference from other electronics.

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CCFL/LED Upgrades

Removing an older CCFL backlight and adding a LED backlight can extend the usage and improve the performance of the original LCD screen beyond any CCFL replacement.

soldered screws

Metal Fabrication/Overlays

AGDisplays can help design and manufacture IP-rated metal enclosures. We design and print custom graphic overlays for finished consumer or industrial products.

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End of Life Replacement

We specialize in drop in replacements and reduce the impact by offering a new solution closely matched to your original hardware's unique specs.

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Industrial LCD Repair Services

AGDisplays adds value to any area of your LCD design. From water applications to dusty terrain, our 124k foot squared facility employs multiple Class 1000 clean rooms to protect your units while we carefully handle technical issues.

We work to save you time and money on your industrial LCD system. We meet one-to-one with your team to discuss and review your project to formulate the best approach so your team benefits from our quality workmanship and our commitment to saving you valuable time.

How can you trust AGD's quality workmanship? Our RMA rate is at less that 1% in industrial repairs and designwork combined. Our processes include inspections on each project every time your project changes hands. With documentation that follows your units in-house, we use our custom Work Order Traveler for excellent traceability.

How can AGDisplays save your team both valuable time and money? We work with each of our customers to create a customized repair program. What this means is we consider all aspects of your timeline, budget and existing broken, unrepairable or good-working LCDs. We also consider your goals and resources when building your program. If you have broken LCDs in your warehouse collecting dust, we bring them in and evaluate which parts we can use to restore other LCDs. With this dynamic approach to your project, we're saving you money by cutting replacement costs; by eliminating extra procurement steps, we are saving time that would otherwise be wasted on shipping.

AGDisplays works with business customers in all Industrial segments:

  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Casino & Gaming
  • Communications/Broadcasting
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Entertainment
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hotels, Motels & Tourism
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine and Boating
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Military and Defense Contractors
  • Mining, Oil and Gas
  • Retail Applications
  • Transportation


When your LCDs come in, AGDisplays disassembles, evaluates and tests the units to get to the root of technical issues. We repair & refurbish all parts of LCD stack ups: backlight systems, polarizer films, PCB boards and cosmetic damage. Whether your unit is an industrial LCD, touchscreen display or HMI, we work closely with our partners to replace all components to restore your unit to good working order. Our expertise expands to LCD peripherals like cabling and controllers. With a trusted partnership in AGDisplays, our support team can diagnose the need of your LCD with integrity.

We want to partner with your team to increase the lifecycle of your displays so you can avoid purchasing new and costly units. Come to us for all your repair needs:


Don't be intimidated with LCD repairs and designwork. AGDisplays works one-on-one with your experts to customize LCD designs, repairs and upgrades to the needs of your project.

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Case Study


We were contacted by a customer to support a legacy product that contained both broken LCDs and broken touchscreens; the design build employed an optical bond. The customer had a storage of these broken LCDs in their facility.
AGDisplays was able to source both the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) touch sensor and the OEM LCD, which were both EOL. We took the customers' damaged stock and removed the optical bond, allowing us to separate and replace the broken components. Once separated, we integrated the new LCD and touch components with a fresh optical bond application.
By refurbishing the customers' broken LCDs, AGDisplays coordinated cost savings on freight and components. Our global access to trusted LCD vendors prevented frustration from low quality sourcing and timeframe delays.

Case Study


A customer sent us their EOL (end-of-life) 3.8" Sharp panel. They had old CCFL bulbs that were failing in the field, with the request to replace.

We designed an LED rail for their equipment that integrated without having to redesign their whole system. This resulted in an increase in longevity of their end-of-life/legacy display system. The LED upgrade gave them brighter backlight usage, while saving R&D time and replacement cost.